Up until now…

Love on Earth as we know it has many veils and guises yet the purest of love offers an extraordinary freedom that may only be experienced by those of us who dare to let go of the familiar and comfortable, and embrace the mystery that we all innately know lay within us as Divine Love. Love beyond human conception.

Illumina is a devotee to the enlightenment of the spirit, not only to herself but all of humanity. The path she has grown through and teaches about through her presence’s transmissions is the path of divine relationship.

She holds understandings of all forms of relationship from the most intimate to that which we experience with the world around us. Divine Union is possible with all of life and the meeting of every challenge, fleeting or long term, no matter how complex, holds gifts for our advancement from human man or woman, to extraordinary being of Love, Wisdom and Power in our human form.

The opportunity we each have to co create loving communities and peace on earth births from the ardent embrace of all shadow and light within, as well as with out, as our mirrors present in many forms throughout life.

Illumina co taught the Self Mastery School of Tantra in 2008-9 with Sri’ama Qala, and in the future will offer further 1 year schools relating to Self Mastery and Illumined Tantric Love. These, through her Presence’s unique work and connection to the Divine University and Libraries of Light, in the spirit of New Education. She has also run many forms of groups and workshops for men and women in the name of love and enlightening intimate, sexual relationship over the previous 16 years, since early days of training with the Enlightened Inner Plane Masters.

Illumina’s Presence holds one of the four Divine Feminine Pillars of the Divine University on Earth, and is Ambassador of the Holy Spirit Flame of Divine Presence in trinity with AmaYa and Lelama. Her primary presence and Inner Planes team are The Illumined Ones, Masters and Emissaries of Unity Consciousness, and Babaji.

Prior to creating the next Self Mastery School of Illumined Tantric Love, Illumina will be teaching online and around the world. Anchoring the Tantric Harmonising Bodies of the Feminine and Masculine through clearing the Archetypal Consciousness and Energy that locks a Being into the collective consciousness’ ways of relating with others, is the next body of work that is currently in creation. This work is for the freedom of our Human nature through unifying our Masculine and Feminine Spirit, and unleashing our electromagnetic Tantric Energy for Communion and Divine Bliss.

As peace and love resides within we may consciously co create through harmony in our communities with a view to naturally live from our heart of kindness and caring for each other and the Earth.

After all, the Earth is the Mother of our Earthly passage, and as we honour our relationship with her Great Spirit and physical form, develop our receptivity, we will know true abundance, Grace and support for our life here as we learn to love and accept unconditionally, as she does Humanity.about Illumina