I l l u m i n a C h r i s t o s


Dear Friends,

My thanks to each of you who have expressed interest in the LOVE BEYOND ARCHETYPES Retreat, January 21 – 23, 2017, [non residential].

We are very excited to be bringing this new body of work through for the purpose of unlocking our own humanity’s limiting forms of relating, and operating in life as being either guided primarily by  your Masculine nature, which avoids feeling in order to prioritise the follow through of intentions. Or others of us chose to be guided primarily from the Feminine, which avoids moving forward when feelings are unresolved. These are limited by their feelings, and cannot follow through with intention when there are feelings that need to be processed. These ‘feelings’ are considered a priority by those of us with feminine domination, just as with the masculine, where the follow through of ‘intentions’ is considered a priority over feelings.

Some have achieved a semblance of balance with this by oscillating from one to the other, although there is always a tendency to default to, or have a primary underlying dominant masculine or feminine until the unlocking has occurred, regardless of a great deal of inner work a being may have done. Until these are liberated, Divine Union is not a possibility for a being within themselves or with another.

The Love Beyond Archetypes Retreat offers not only the unlocking of the dominant masculine or feminine, it addresses additional unlocking and freedom from humanity’s  matrix of the collective consciousness and the most powerful and controlling archetypes therein.

The clearing will involve receiving, meeting and purifying Archetypal spirit bodies holding Collective memories, which rise up and overtake a being, steering one away from from the highest and purest love, potentially into the deepest hurt, vengeance, control and manipulation.

All forms of relationship can be freed up. Work, family, partnership, through the release of the archetypal bodies.

The possibility for new levels of tantric energy entering one’s physical body presents as we purify the interfacing bodies, (emotional and etheric) between the mental and emotional to the physical body, of mechanisms that create a ‘looping’ effect and continual repetition of challenging circumstances in one’s life and relationships.

Greater harmony manifests through the Harmonising sacred Spirit bodies Illumina’s presence will be offering as DISPENSATIONS to the group. These come in the form of Templates carried by her presence, which hold the stories and keys to unlocking and Harmonising from the 1st through to 8th dimensional bodies.

Through this process a higher body of light can be received which is that of your presence.

We are very excited to be bringing this new body of work through for the purpose of receiving the Higher Gifts and Qualities of the Archetypal Tantric Bodies to greatly enhance our ability for opening our Tantric Field, Conscious Relating, and Love Making.

Each Divine Union body represents specific qualities, lessons and initiations, and also has a Unique Essence. When each body’s “trials and tribulations “ are purified, the Dark and Light are able to Marry and Birth the Unified Spirit. This Spirit is also able to attract a mate that is their equal and rise through them to meet and mate in the unique way of their purified spirits.

We are healing the Feminine Spirit in Men and Women for Unification with the Soul. Otherwise, Divine Union within Self or with another could not occur.

During our retreat we will receive deep support from the Family of Light and specifically The Illumined Ones, Emissaries of Unity consciousness. These will bring technology and encodement to free our energy bodies from habitual, unconscious behaviours and attractions, by completely shifting resonance, and releasing each one from the portals of the mass consciousness’ way of limiting love, and the the ways it is exchanged.

As we approach our relationships with conscious awareness there are still inherent patterns we carry, which automatically open Portals to the mass consciousness. Hence, we manifest a larger volume of distorted mental and emotional responses and reactions to situations and circumstances, than if it was purely our own authentic energy and consciousness we were dealing with.

This in itself may make a being feel that growth is slow and arduous, and that they will never be free to relate from Purity and Innocence in their lifetime. There has been an underlying belief that the highest form of Divine Union cannot be experienced on the Earth and in truth, few have truly experienced this so far, since some thousands of years.

All present will receive 6 powerful Tantric Bodies of Light, 3 Masculine and 3 Feminine over the three days we share together. A great purification will occur through these bodies as the Marriage of their Dark and Light is supported for the expression of the highest GIFTS and Qualities of each of the bodies, inherently present in our God Source. The unhooking from the Collective will occur so that each may begin to experience their Authentic Self and Energy.

A new potential will Birth through these Spirit bodies for greater experiences in Tantric Love Making. And ones ability to attract their equal or draw this from an existing partner becomes possible if that is in the highest, due to their own embodiment, and the work the partner has undertaken.

The Mental, Emotional, and Etheric bodies will purify and release to the natural flow of Electro Magnetic energy, so the physical body may be truly nourished by the Highest Vibrational Frequencies able to be conducted from the Source.

Essentially, deep teachings and transmissions will be offered to bring each Soul into the Highest Vibrational Resonance with emotional and mental Freedom from false concepts of love and limiting ways of expressing Love in highest divine order for each Man and Woman with us.

This Sacred Cauldron for Transformation will be held by my Presence, Illumina, and the Family of Light Specialists in support of deep opening to occur in the life of each of You who are called to share this journey with us. To maintain clarity from day to day in life we will be offered a practice to do each day thereafter.

Our retreat will be held in a powerful Portal in Rosebank, and our group service will ground the New Relationship / Tantric Body Templates into the Grids of Light and Heart of Mother Earth for all Beings. This is the first retreat of its nature to be brought to the Earth!

For contact, and registration please email illumina[at]thedivineuniversity.com